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News Flash: Mama Hen Protects Chicks

OK, so this Mama Hen couldn’t stand it. I had to go out and check on the girls at midnight to make sure they were OK, and that they had figured out how to get up to the second floor where there is hay and it’s dry. Alas, they were all huddled together down in the grass getting rained on and they were wet and seemed pretty scared. Granted it’s still pretty warm out and the rain was light, but they aren’t supposed to be in a place where they can’t get dry. I felt really bad, and thought I would try putting them up in the nesting box myself. They seemed happier up there and would have probably been OK, but then I started to worry that they wouldn’t know how to get down to their food and water… and that they wouldn’t be able to get dry… and it’s so dark for them and they’re not used to it…etc… so I just had to bring them back inside and set their cage back up. I also think it was just too much change in one day. To lose their brothers, and then to be abandoned outside to spend the night in the dark and the rain. I know the farmer said they would be OK, and they probably would have, but they are still only 5 1/2 weeks old, and other things I have read say to wait until they are 6-8 weeks to have them live outside. When I put them back in their cage they made lots of happy clucking sounds and they went right under the heat lamp to work on drying out their feathers by fluffing them up and using their beaks to squeegee out the water. Poor babies. Now they are sleeping peacefully and all is right in the world once again. Conclusion: I think I will wait another week or two, or at least until they’ve shown me that they can get upstairs on their own before I have them stay out there for good.


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