Home » chickens » “Capture the Worm” – 3 weeks old

“Capture the Worm” – 3 weeks old

The chicks are 3 weeks old today, and we gave them their second backyard outing, this time for a whole 30 minutes! They loved it, especially being hand-fed worms and bugs by the kids. They discovered that “Capture the Worm” is a much more rewarding game than “Capture the Paper Towel”. Fluffy surprised us by being so assertive, she’s usually the shyest and most reserved. I guess bugs and worms are highly motivating for her. They are getting so many feathers! Cleo still seems to be a bit behind in growing hers, and also seems a little smaller than the rest. She must be a late bloomer. Jonah says, “I’m going to miss their fuzzies, but their feathers are very pretty,” and I agree.


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