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chick elevators! – 8 days old

The chicks are enjoying their new enclosure (or I should say brooder, to sound like I know what I’m doing just a little bit) and we are too! It’s so much easier to keep clean and they are enjoying stretching their little wings and seeing more of the world. Sometimes they still get a little insecure, or bored, or just in need of mama hen time and will gather and start chirping loudly until we come into the room with them. I captured that on video tonight. We’ve also discovered a less startling way to pick them up… chick elevators! If we hold our hand open on the ground near them, they will sometimes walk onto our hands and we can slowly lift them up that way. It requires a little patience, but it’s pretty rewarding as a more peaceful way to pick them up than just grabbing them. Jonah and Mae had a little too much fun with the video camera tonight, but we were laughing so hard, we just had to include that as well. I think Jonah is embarking on a film career.


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