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baby chicks – 1 week old

Today was a big day for the chicks. Their temperature can go down to 90 degrees, they are now considered less susceptible to illnesses, and we moved them into their new enclosure. We thought they would be very excited about all of the extra room, and fascinated by the hay (no more changing paper towels 3-4 times a day!) but we didn’t anticipate that their biggest thrill would be in seeing the outside world from their enclosure. They are so curious about everything, this totally threw them for a loop. They tried flying out of it right away, and squeezing through the bars, but they quickly realized this wouldn’t work (thank goodness). But they spent a lot of time up against the edge just looking at us and looking around, and when we left the room, they would start crying really loudly until we came back! We ended up having to eat dinner in there, just to calm them down and reassure them. It seems like they are getting adjusted, though, and the hay provides a lot of interest, not to mention a softer place to sleep. It’s also clear that they will be much easier to photograph and interact with now that we can get down on their level.


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