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Baby Chickens – 6 days old

A lot has happened in 4 days, and I’m having way more fun than I thought I would, even more fun than the kids! I wish I could just watch the chick antics all day long! They are definitely getting bigger, growing their wing feathers, becoming more adventurous, and one even started crowing! I couldn’t believe it, since I thought they didn’t do that until 8 weeks old. So I researched it and found out that they sometimes try crowing as early as 4 days old. In the process, I think I also discovered their breeds as well as their sex. We’ll see if I’m right, I hear that you can’t know for sure until they either start laying eggs or crowing for real, but here’s my best guess: The little crower is one of 3 Black Star chickens, and you can tell the boys (cockerels) from the girls (pullets) by the white spots on top of their heads, the girls don’t have them. So I think Toothpick and Penguin are going to be roosters, while Gloria (the other Black Star) is going to be a hen. Our lovely Cleo (named by the elementary class that hatched her) is a Brown Leghorn, Those girl chicks are distinguished by the dark stripe on their heads, which she obviously has. Our beautiful golden Fluffy is a Rhode Island Red (the father of them all is a Rhode Island Red) whose pullets have a little brown spot on their heads, which she does. Also, I’m noticing that the girls are all smaller and more docile. An says that is sexist, but look how they just step right on poor Cleo and push her out of the way when they are settling down to sleep! I’m so excited! It looks like we are going to get our 3 hens, one of each color! Here’s a video mash from day 6, you can see that they really don’t want to stay in their changing box anymore, they keep trying to fly out of it, and I took a video of them eating, and I actually was able to catch Toothpick crowing, as well as a final shot of them sleeping, which always cracks me up, how they just collapse face down whenever they fall asleep, sometimes even in their food.


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